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New Track

2016-11-17 20:47:40 by Sonik-TLA

Recorded this today.

New Experimental Track

2016-05-29 17:05:12 by Sonik-TLA

New Payday2 Rap

2016-04-14 23:24:28 by Sonik-TLA

Not really new but new to newgrounds.

Hoxtons Razor


2015-07-02 23:52:37 by Sonik-TLA

Thought i'd upload this since its been way too long since i uploaded anything here.


2015-02-26 03:29:31 by Sonik-TLA

So with the new disabling downloads feature i'm uploading a bunch of soundcloud exclusive tracks from games i've worked on over the last year. Go have a listen.


2014-12-14 04:34:30 by Sonik-TLA

Hello NG. Im not uploading to here right now cause I'm working on a game soundtrack and i dont want people downloading unfinished copies of the work i upload. If the soundtracks go free i'll be mass uploading them here. For now my uploads are on my soundcloud


tl;dr Still active, just not on newgrounds for now.

D&B reuploaded version

2014-10-24 23:18:44 by Sonik-TLA


Did some minor volume tweaks, multiband compression and some light mastering.

New account

2014-10-22 00:04:10 by Sonik-TLA

Whats up NG.


This my new account my old one (with all my uploads) is


I wanted to move away from that old account mostly cause I coudln't change the username.